Sound Bath

January 17, 2024

7pm - 8pm

Holy Family Church

25291 Lehmann Blvd

Lake Villa, IL 60046

You will be laying on a yoga mat or sitting in a chair, preferably laying on a yoga mat.

The sound of the instruments will wash over your body providing a vibrational bath of beautiful sounds that resonate throughout your body.

What Beautiful Instruments Will I Experience?

Crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, hand drums, ocean drums, chimes, rattles,

shakers, gong, and flutes.

What is a Sound Bath?

It is a therapeutic and meditative experience in which you "bathe" in the sounds and vibrations produced by different instruments listed above. Through these sounds and vibrations, your mind enters a meditative, relaxed state. This causes healing on a mental, emotional and physical level.

The Experience?

During a sound bath, the state of brain waves changes from normal alert state (beta) to relaxation state (alpha), sleep state (theta) and even restoration state (delta). As the mind and body relax, the heart rate and blood pressure decrease, and our breathing becomes deeper. It is in this state where deep healing can happen.

The Benefits?

A sound bath not only reduces stress and anxiety by inducing a state of relaxation, but also has physiological benefits. These include reduced pain, better sleep, eliminating toxins and strengthening the immune system.

Sound Bath Newbie?

If you have never experienced a sound bath before, you will be amazed how good you feel!!!

What Do I Need?

Get ready to relax, open heart, open mind, a yoga mat or blanket and a pillow.

Duration of Time?

The experience is one hour or so of these lovely sounds and relaxation with other people looking to relax too.


All age groups are welcome. We have a few gravity chairs to accommodate our elders, if you need one please text me.


The sound bath is donation based; the average donation is between $20-40.

Karen's cell 858-869-4431.

Call or text with any questions!

Hello. I am Karen Jedele.

I started Karen's Holistic organically after living in San Diego for 13 years and moving back to my hometown of Antioch, IL. I was looking for regular scheduled sound baths that were affordable to join. I attended them regularly in San Diego and I learned how effective they were at helping me relax. A sound bath is a healing experience that can't be replicated with a video or a recording. The in person vibrational healing from the beautiful instruments is how the magic happens. I now perform sound baths in my studio and other locations nearby. I also offer an assortment of other ways to assist in proactive wellness which I am excited to talk with you about at anytime.

I would love to be a part of your journey to relaxation, rejuvenation and internal peace.

All My Love ~ Karen

See you soon!